Thursday, August 18, 2011

TDD and Pair Programming :- A New Industry approach to better productivity & performance

A new concept of pair programming and TDD comes into approaching cyber professionals now these days to into industry.

1) what is TDD and Pair Programming ?
Tdd is test driven development and pair programming is pairing of two or more two programmer on a same machine , it  Can help to increase your productivity and performance .

2) Why TDD and Pair programming?
1) It increases  motivation to develop  individual programming skills .
2) After requiring this , they  can  demonstrate their skills under controlled exam-like conditions
3)It   provide an accurate gauge and practical Implementation  of individual programming ability.
4)It also help Professionals to use presents a valuable assessment too
5) It increases productivity and performance of an individual

Looking for a  lab session link so there are some university lab session link help you a lot



3) For Agile Software Development or for specially for ruby

4)For specially for JavaScript or Dojo

Some more Documentation links For understanding  and  Implementing It into your University ,Company ,Organization,Firm




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